the worst thing ever is that when i have cramps they merge with my near constant back pain meaning there’s nothing i can do to make it so I’m not on the verge of tears all day

Wed, 23rd April   1

being a fan of little mix is so hard

because the other girls are so good and not offensive and they hardly do anything wrong

but then there’s perrie

who just never fucking learns

Tue, 22nd April



You know, Peter Parker is a great hero for the millennial generation because he’s always struggling economically and old newspaper editors think he’s a menace.

don’t forget all the selfies he takes

Tue, 22nd April   4621


hit my 2000 words for cw

now i’ve just got to write one smaller piece and the book review

I can totes do the before the weekend.

Tue, 22nd April

*Here’s every font that I could find for RT’s Shows
*all the font downloads are free! 
*Meta Plus Black is meant to have a width of 90%, it’s confirmed.*

Jenkins v2.0 (rvb) ||        Meta Plus Black (rt) ||
Bank Gothic Light, ||     BG Medium, BG Bold (ah) ||
RWBY (fan font)    ||          Minecraftia (lpmc) ||
Pricedown (lpgtav) ||           Brannboll (lp, x) ||

Tue, 22nd April   2842

young volcanoes in 60 seconds

young volcanoes in 60 seconds

Tue, 22nd April   1497
#andy's fuckin clapping i can't fuckin deal with it #music #only plugged in to save rock and roll


When I thought of all the ways my life could go wrong, reading fanfiction about pregnant men at three in the morning was not on the top of my list

Tue, 22nd April   1944


do you ever listen to music and suddenly you’re like wow I want my life to be the way this song sounds I want to live in this song

Tue, 22nd April   40713

so there are two places that sell records in the city centre

and i went into one and because i’m a big baby my dad asked if they had the paramore record store day vinyl

they said they had three that morning and they sold out 

so of course i was super sad because i’d already tried getting one on ebay and people were bidding stupid amounts of money for it so i was like “oh well it was a nice dream”

we went into the other one and i managed to get tango in the night and rumours for 10 quid and was less sad about not getting paramore

but like as we’re leaving, like we’re standing outside the door and sorting out the bags we have, someone opened the door behind us and was like “excuse me?”

and i turned around and it was this dude i was searching through records with in the first shop and i wasn’t sure what he wanted but then he went

"were you the girl looking for the paramore record?" and i was like "yeah why?"

"because i have it right here."

this guy remembered i was looking for it and instead of just leaving it or buying it himself and making money on ebay he was prepared to come after us!!! because he saw that i was upset the other store didn’t have it!!!!

so like i ran back in and thanked him like fifteen times and the guy who owned the store was like “oh yeah we only just got that i think it’s the last one” and i just

today was a good day today was such a good day

Tue, 22nd April   2
#people are so nice sometimes i can't deal with it!!!!! #i mean today was great apart from when i spent two hours sobbing my heart out because spider-man

My parents constantly remind me that I’m an adult until it comes to me wanting to do something I don’t need their permission to do anymore which is when the “I’m your mother/father you do as I say” rule instantly comes into play

Tue, 22nd April